Cari » Boo girl! Miss ya!
adam b. » world of stuff is happening. Where you been?? Out there, in the world I guess. Been a long time; lots of changes; and, still hanging in. Love you...I 'll check your other spot! xx,adam
loz »
bj » I love that handcuff. I can only imagine the rest of the pic
loz » hi bb . x
bb » hi,loz.
loz » thanks bj . if it'll help, I'll douse you with a bucket of cold water . x
bj » Oh man, it's getting warm in here baby. Just drop that hand just a little. You are one hot babe loz.
loz » interesting. also interesting that I just saw my last post here in the 'recently updated' list on blogdrive's main page, 5 days after I posted it! weird.
ryneobi » Hi, nice post, want to show your posting in another site? well you may put your links at , advertise your links freely, so other people can see your BLOG's links there.
loz » I am yours to command (not). pray tell why I should visit your blog? oh right... you probably won't see my question since you're likely just going around spamming 4 million blogs. okay.
Cybertv » Visit my blog
loz » nice isn't it? I think so . cool claim to fame! mine - though many wouldn't know this name, hehe - claim to fame would be when I got to meet & chat with Lewis Taylor in London just before a gig. x
Cain » It is so good to see friends do well in the creative realm...Cheers!
Cain » Love this HNT!! (My clain to fame: I knew Rob, a "former" guitarist, in Train. He lived, w/ his wife, in my apartment complex...real nice peeps...They began, playing gigs w/Blues Traveler, at the time
Cain » Singing a song for you, ohhhh....(and, everybody else!)...Sing me a song Ohhhhhh..
loz » I will Cain... I'm sorry to hear he's not doing well. xo
Cain » God, Loz! My Dad's not doing well...sorry..I shouldn't write this here. I'm in shock.. say a prayer please.
Cain » Stylin'...Weeee!
loz » well thank you, bj... very kind of you . can't argue against that kinda crazy! (not that I would try, hehe). x
bj » loz your beauty is captivating. you're driving me crazy here!
loz » well I'm tryin' Cain . I'll be by to see your style naughty. x
Cain » I've been Naughty! Have you??
loz » you're too kind, Cain . x
Cain » No Nips, but so fine!! ~~x~~ (blown kiss!)
loz » to the 'Kim' who emailed me with a contact form today (Feb. 22/07), thank you . I tried to reply but it bounced, so I'm putting it here. x
loz » thanks Cain . I must agree - woweee. love 'em. x
Cain » oh, those RED SHOES!! Wow-Weeeeeee!
loz » indeed... got something for you, setting it up now & will let you know where to find it. x
Cain » Kind of a mind-meld! Thumbs way-up, on "reflecting"!!!
loz » ...but how nice to know you came looking for my half-nekkid parts . x
loz » my apologies, Monsieur Le Voyeur . I believe I'm going to just skip this week, as I have little time & even fewer ideas for it. er, for the most part. x
Nic the Voyeur » Hmmm late last week and again this week, you are disappointing your fans my love
loz » you're too kind Cain . thanks. x
Cain » YAY! Loved that HNT...beautiful thoughts,Loz. Very true.
loz » hehe, have fun Cain . even though I'm mega late, I'll post Thursday's hnt today (late Friday). x
Cain » "Early in the morning.." You got me singing! See ya, later, Loz!
loz » thanks Billy B, will do... you too please . x
Cain » Keep smiling, friend...even through storms. I'll be back. Bill B.
loz » you can let me know if it changes again! xo
loz » thanks Cain, I love to get your messages here too, so I appeciate that you take the time . your link has been here for a while, but it was a bit hard to keep up with the URL for a while there, hehe.
Cain » Hi, LOZ: I cannot drop by here, and NOT send you a little message. ~~Love this little message box! Thanks, for the link-back. I'm really enjoying getting into the HNT's again. 2007 will be super!
loz » thanks Cain... same to you! xo
Cain » Hope you have a super-duper NEW YEAR...filled with many "memory-making" events!! (wink*wink)...xx,Cain.
loz » thanks Lyly . glad my bad poetry is so appreciated, hehe. x
Lyly » Lovely picture, loz, and the poetry was divine too.
Naked Masochist » I'm up early today!! Whooot!
loz » very cool Cain... glad to hear it! x
Cain » Guess I'm really back now!! YEAH! xx,Cain. Doing well.
loz » thank you Cain . xo
Cain » If you liked the Nick Cave Song on "Evensong's" you'll love the one I've posted on "Breathless".....thanks, LOZ.
loz » good, I will link to you .
Naked Masochist » Ok ok... you got me... The HNT blog is started!
loz » thanks adam . hope your solution works for you! and/or, remember my offer. x
adam » ...if you come back, you'll see I'm adding to the reading list. Sometimes, 2 blogs aren't enough. xx,adam
adam » Thanks, for dropping in LOZ! True..I could be better. I'm in the middle of a family crisis..and, the strain has been great. My solution: Keep believing. Be true to myself. "Let it ALL HANG OUT"...
loz » why thank you BJ . (now I'm thinking I should've made it into a .gif file... shaking my booty, haha).
bj » Omg loz, looking at that top pic has very wicked thoughts running through my mind. Oh so far away............ NICE ASS
loz » oh cool... will do adam . x
adam » Come on back. I posted a hat's off to ALL HNT'er's....You Too!!!!! xx,adam.
loz » who could resist a naked fella asking one to come out & play? . I guess we shall see how it all works out... I'll sneak up on you one of these times & surprise you.
thebareframe » loz, won't you come back online one of these days and play with me?
loz » you? I'll have to come visit... been a few days!
loz » hi . I'm usually over at mostly appropriate (click my name on this message) during the week, and here on Thursdays. busy tho, so I haven't even posted anything over there since last Thursday. x
thebareframe » where've you been hiding, loz?
loz » gobble gobble .
Cari » Happy turkey day!
loz » indeed I did . how could I not?? as for serious, this place isn't very serious either (seriously lame sometimes though, haha). anyway... however & whatever, I'll look forward to chatting with you.
thebareframe » and wait... my blog isn't supposed to be too serious... it's there for you to enjoy yourself... heh. glad you did, if you did.
thebareframe » by all means, drop by anytime... i'd love to hear more about your practice...
loz » my pleasure (seriously). I appreciate yours also, so thanks back. x
thebareframe » hi loz! thanks so much for the sweet comment!
loz » I'll find you & follow you around even if you're leaving After Paradise, Adam . I'll check the page - & Reiki anytime, just ask. x
Adam » I think I'm going to be needing your Reiki, Loz! Happy HnT~I'm leaving After Paradise up..but I'm leaving for good--for real this time--November 2nd. Shout-out, to you, my dear, under the SLIDEshow!!
Adam » I think I'm going to be needing your Reiki, Loz! Happy HnT~I'm leaving After Paradise up..but I'm leaving for good--for real this time--November 2nd. Shout-out, to you, my dear, under the SLIDEshow!!
loz » sometimes blogdrive really sucks... most often on Thursdays when people are trying to visit. sorry, anybody who actually gets to see this, if you've had to wait for the thing to load.
loz »
Lyly »
adam » Hey, LOZ! Listen, sweetie: Just come to my Blog, and read a few posts..down...I can't e-you..Just visit, and say, Good Night & Good Luck..Thanx, XX, adam
loz » October 12 hnt doesn't seem to be showing up for some people... *sigh* bloody blogdrive. there *is* a new entry for today (in case you can't see anything but the last 'back theme' one) called 'bytes'.
loz » cool Adam, I just visited & left you a note . x
adam » Hey, LOZ! I'm back! And, you'll find me, singing! Come and enjoy a recording, from 1996....It's a hoot!! I'm having FUN!!! xx, adam.
loz » there's a 'contact me' link below on the left here Adam... but I'll drop you a line . x
adam » What a nut, I am..I didn't see a e-addy in your profile!! Anyway..I wanted to write to you, and let you know what's been going on w/me....I added the Amber alert to my blog, too. Drop me an e,k??
loz » and you're a sweetie, Adam... thanks for visiting. I'll visit yours again, for sure! x
adam » Ahhhh...Never let the water get cold!...You're an inspiration!!! Great!!!
loz » oops.. missed the Sept. 21 HNT after all (busy then out of town all Thursday). not sure if I'll make it up or just wait until the 28th to post again. sorry if any1 visited & only found the old ones! x
loz » oh my! you're always saying such nice things to me, BJ . x
bj » Nice leg/cleavage pic! Must fight urge to fantasize about what I'd love to do with both of them.
loz » hey Cari .
Cari » just peekin in again!
loz » heh, is that a good thing, then? . x
IkeTurnerEatsStars » oh, how you've given me a new obsession...
loz » there you go, HNT posted this week, and fully naked, too. well, it's true even though it's just a naked hand!
Cari » We need HNT... We need HNT... I wanna do HNT...
loz » nah, I got too busy again & then was too tired by the time I even realized it *was* Thursday! I'll try for next week again.
Cari » No HNT this week? Darn.... Well... BOO
loz » HNT Aug. 10/06.... no HNT for me today, been busy otherwise, and I don't have any pics from before (well, none that are appropriate for this space, hehehe). next week I will post again.
loz » wow, blogdrive is all wonked up today... they're apparently changing servers or something. heh, suuuurrre. x
Cari » I have to say... TAG yer it!