Entry: hnt : hiding Thursday, March 22, 2007

think tank

hiding in my think tank

in recent weeks I've been rather absent, all the way around. oh I've been doing my thing, keeping busy & even reading and posting here & there. behind the scenes what I've been doing is hiding in my think tank, considering various life possibilities and changes. it's all good; it just means I'm not quite as attentive to my usual online habits as I otherwise might be.

I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, I'm just sitting here on the edge of my world pondering :).


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February 27, 2008   04:12 PM PST
hey Zoely :). I haven't been participating in hnt for quite a while now, though I reported in faithfully every week on Os' blog when I did. also one reason why it took me so long to see your comment & respond!

thanks for coming by, glad to hear from you :). i may start up again sometime, but haven't had the urge for a while so I've just left my site up as-is (got busy, blah blah).

I'll come visit, see what's happening over on yours :).

January 24, 2008   12:23 PM PST
Loz! So happy ur still here! You commented on my very first HNT back in June 06...i don't recall seeing you post at Os's site, tho?
Hope you've been well. Love the tied up image!!
March 28, 2007   10:22 AM PDT
Not as absent as I, Lozzie ... not as absent as I. Comfort yourself with my even more brazen absences!
March 23, 2007   04:28 PM PDT
hi Cain, thank you :). glad you stopped by too, because I'd lost your newest addy!

SeaRabbit, in this case the thinking is a good thing... though a bit of a tease, and I hope ultimately it takes me further away from this spot ;).

thanks for coming by & your comment, 'Name' person - I'll pop by your page to have a visit :).

March 23, 2007   08:34 AM PDT
Very nice!
March 23, 2007   03:41 AM PDT
Oh! Don't think too hard... You never know where this will take you... ;-)
Happy HNT!
March 23, 2007   02:24 AM PDT
happy hnt.

think and take care.


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