Entry: hnt : music Saturday, March 10, 2007

crashtv : machinecod album

crashtv : machinecod album

this is incredibly late because I got caught up in stuff I was doing this past week, but I figured I might as well at least put this up here. the picture shows me smiling over the crashtv machinecod album that we've all been waiting a year or two for! yaaay, it just got to me on Friday so I've been very happily listening (see the smile there? it's absolutely geniune). I am listening to the Voice and music even as I type, as a matter of fact. you can too... click the banner below to go hear samples & purchase the album from CD Baby for yourself.

you can also go to
my 'mostly appropriate' blog & near the top of the page is a little crashtv music widget where you can hear a few full-length tracks from the album (& if you click on that widget you can go to the crashtv page at ReverbNation). I just can't resist plugging this album for my mates now that it's out... I've been loving crashtv music since 1999, though they've been around far longer than that. I wouldn't bother pushing the album if crashtv was crap, but they're not - they've got a really unique sound and if you like - at all - Brit rock/alternative/uk indie type music, you'll love these guys. you can even go to their site to see some videos, if you want.

crashtv has been described as, "Industrial strength Beatles" and "Nine Inch Nails meets Duran Duran" (all very true). the band's even now working on their next album, called 'Bored Of It', haha. no it's true, I just think the title's hilarious. the band's from London, UK but you won't have to go that far to purchase the album :D.

happy very belated hnt! I'll try to actually do one on time next week.


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March 23, 2011   10:23 PM PDT
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March 11, 2007   03:12 AM PDT
thought you mght appreciate this Cain :). thanks for coming by, even though I'm so darn late putting anything up!

if you do end up getting a copy of the cd, let me know what you think, please... I'll pass it on to the ctv guys if so, and I know they would appreciate hearing any thoughts if you have 'em.

March 10, 2007   10:18 PM PST
Very Cool!

I want a copy!!

You know, I'm a music junkie!
This sounds great..

Nice, HNT! Cheers to the band!


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