Entry: hnt : hiding(ish) Thursday, February 22, 2007



by request. actually, I asked for suggestions & got this request: Nipples, give them nipples, we all like nipples squeezed between thumb and forefinger.

ain't that the truth?! however - since a) my kids could come by here anytime if they chose to follow a few links (and what's here would be embarrassing enough for them), and b) I'm a wimp - neither of my nipples are actually here today. er, that's not quite true either, but I'm not going to reveal any nipples today, just the same.

that's why this thing is called 'hiding(ish)'... because there I am, hiding in the bathroom - behind the mirror's decoration, yet - taking pictures of not-my-nipples. silly eh? I wanted to do as my friend suggested & get a shot of palms covering nipples, but I couldn't hold my boobs and hold the camera & take a picture at the same time. I need an assistant, man!

in any case, I'm in a huge rush today... the day's half over & I'm just getting my hnt up, and I'm supposed to be gone from here already for the next thing on the agenda. I'll have to visit all my faves later on, so I will catch you then.

happy hnt to everybody.


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February 23, 2007   11:40 PM PST
why thank you Sinja :D. you should start one anyway... you can take occasional pictures of your big toe, ring finger, etc, hehe. actually, my boob pictures are the 'cop out' for me... too obvious. the real reason I got into this was to *try* to challenge myself to come up with more creative ideas for pictures that really *expressed* something.

oh well, can't be creative all the time eh? haha. at least, I can't!

let me know if you do start your own hnt, please.

February 23, 2007   10:58 PM PST
*grrowl* Great pic! ;) I was thinking about starting a HNT blog but I think people would get sick of seeing pictures of my package and/or goatee lol.
February 23, 2007   09:53 PM PST
thanks hh and sue :). nice of you to stop by.

hh and sue
February 23, 2007   08:05 PM PST
Very nice Loz. Super sexy pic. Thanks and HHNT!
February 23, 2007   12:03 PM PST
Sassy, one can hope ;).

NB - if true (I have an ex who'd laugh his ass off at the idea that it could be) I'm sure you'd be the one to succeed, hehe.

thanks lushlyme, and Regal :).

Cain, I would agree ;).

thanks Polt - on Friday also, hehe. I still haven't even visited everybody!

February 23, 2007   10:48 AM PST
Very demure nipple photo. Well done. :)

HAPPY HNT (on Friday)!
February 23, 2007   07:53 AM PST
Amazing what can be done with mirrors!!

(Sometimes, it's far more sexy..not too see! )

Happy HNT!! :)


February 23, 2007   03:37 AM PST
Great photo - Happy HNT!
February 22, 2007   07:32 PM PST
Very Arty! HHNT!
February 22, 2007   05:44 PM PST
I always thought you were trainable
February 22, 2007   04:33 PM PST
I'm sure you'll get many offers to be your assistant!

Happy HNT!

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