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Thursday, February 16, 2006
hnt: crystal clear

HNT: my Reiki crystal

"What's the difference in your inner self from then to now?
What changed within you after that day?

Tommy Gunn
in my February 9/06 HNT comments

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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

above, the picture is of the crystal I use as a 'stand-in' for people to whom I send distance Reiki.

before my accident - on December 8, 2005 - I had taken First Degree Reiki training. I was perfectly content to continue on as a First Degree Practitioner, doing Reiki for my family, friends, pets, etc. hands-on & personal, occasional - nothing more. while I did connect to the spiritual essence of Reiki, I actually saw the training in a more practical light: it would be good to be able to help people I loved, as well as myself, with natural healing if & when needed.

after my accident, I developed a deeper spirituality. I can't say it was a conscious decision, but during the course of my recovery and rehab I questioned, and I delved deeper into my own psyche and thought about the meaning of my existence... my survival. the meaning of life itself, on occasion, as well as my sanity & whether I had actually survived in the physical world, as a matter of fact, or whether my spirit was 'stuck' on the physical realm only thinking I had survived physically. it seems a natural extension of such a traumatic life event, but I can't confirm whether or not most people would do or question the same things, in the same circumstances.

a big part of my developing spirituality was accomplished as a natural off-shoot of going further with Reiki. I had lost almost my full range of motion in my left arm; the best I could do was forward and front motion and about 5 inches of motion to the rear and back of me. I was lucky if I could get my fingers behind my back, much less my whole hand. I 'happened' - notation marks because I've come to believe that there aren't really any coincidences; everything happens for a reason - to run into my Reiki teacher & her husband in a local bookstore, and we caught up with each others' news while we chatted. I told my teacher about getting hit by the truck and how I was now having problems doing Reiki for my aching back since my left shoulder had been injured, and she told me of her upcoming Second Degree Reiki course. I agreed on the spot to attend the training.

the main - and most wonderful - thing about Second Degree Reiki is that the practitioner learns how to send Reiki at a distance. it is no longer necessary to be physically in the same room as the Reiki recipient, if physical distance is a problem. hands-on Reiki is still preferable when possible, I believe (I feel there's a specific quality of treatment and connection between practitioner & recipient that's not achieved in a distance treatment), but distance Reiki can be just as effective in its results for the recipient.

the point here, of course, is that being able to do distance Reiki meant that - since I couldn't reach my back with both hands - I could 'send' Reiki to my back without actually touching it. taking Reiki II training also caused my spirituality to naturally develop further. it's impossible, if one practises Reiki with any sort of regularity once one has taken the attunements, to not grow spiritually in some manner. it's just a natural benefit. one of the reasons for this is that the practitioner begins working more closely with spiritual guides and helpers, with Reiki II.

I clearly remember one evening shortly after getting my Second Degree, when I sat to give myself Reiki before sleep. I dozed off during my treatment (always the most difficult thing about doing Reiki for myself, haha), but even while I slept my treatment continued... in this case it was because I had asked for help from my Reiki and personal guides, spiritual and angelic helpers and any other beings of light and love who wished to assist. I woke briefly, feeling enveloped in a fog of warmth, love and briefly blissful, pain-free existence - and saw all my helpers circling me, hands stretched out to cover me in healing Reiki. there was no doubt that I was in the presence of a number of very loving and spiritual beings. I was curious & began to question, to look around at each of them, but was urged to relax and just accept the Reiki session without analyzing it at the moment. I did, and shortly closed my eyes again and slept for the rest of the night.

sleeping through the night was rather rare at that time, too... I used to dream often of vehicles coming through the wall(s) at me, and be woken completely and violently from any sleep - drugged though it was - by a very loud 'slapping' sound; something that sounded as if a giant was swatting the side of a tin building with a very large, thick plank of wood, right next to my ear. heart pounding and adrenaline rushing, scared out of my wits, I wouldn't be able to get back to sleep for hours - if at all. I believe that was my subconscious replaying the moment of impact to me when my conscious wasn't engaged... Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome rearing its ugly head and keeping me 'aware' of my surroundings & therefore 'safe'.

the Reiki session with the guides may all
read like a dream, but I assure you it was real. at very least, it was real and valid for me. I think that was the moment when I truly started to accept that Reiki is an activity that helps me to grow spiritually, to live the best life that I can, and that I was blessed and honoured to be given the ability to practise Reiki - merely to have found it & experienced it as a recipient that first time, even. not quite a year after I got my Reiki II training, I went on to take the Master's Degree training in this Usui system of Reiki also; I didn't (and probably never will) take the teacher's training, but I am a Master Practitioner of Reiki since spring - or thereabouts - of 1997.

it's also good to think back on those times and that experience, because they remind me to not only be grateful for the Reiki experience on all levels, but for the fact that except for that accidental meeting of flesh and steel, I would not likely have continued further than the Reiki First Degree training. on the other hand, since I'm pretty sure there are no accidents, perhaps this was just the way the Universe had to nudge me into fulfilling one major purpose for being, faster than I would have done so otherwise. I've helped quite a number of people with Reiki over the years, and many of them I wouldn't have been in this unique position to help, if not for having been hit by that truck to begin with & the choices I made in the following years. talk about circular logic, this one rather boggles my mind at times ;).

thinking back also serves to remind me of what I don't always live up to but do attempt to when I'm feeling more conscious of them: the Reiki Principles...

Just for today do not worry
Just for today do not anger
  Earn your living honestly      
Honour your parents,           
teachers and elders
  Show gratitude for every         
living thing

                                          - Dr. Mikao Usui

words to live by. thanks much for the questions, Tommy :).

if anyone would like to know more about Reiki, feel free to visit
my basic Reiki info page. for more in-depth information about Reiki, its uses and some experiences I've had with it, visit my main blog - mostly appropriate - and look on the left side of the page for the links under mostly appropriate illumination (pieces of me); scroll down in the list of links to a 3-part series of Reiki entries.

(and thanks for reading, if you've made it all the way through this!)

happy HNT, everyone :).

Posted at 10:34 am by loz

April 13, 2006   05:34 AM PDT
i carry two beautiful palm sized smooth pieces of jade in my pocket at all times -

one is a very dark green semi-translucent and the other a medium green transparent piece -

i hold one in my hand when i feel stressed the other when happy - they both have distink feels to them -

the moment i put either in my hand they warm imediately and feel wonderful -

i didnt know untill a few months ago that jade is also a 'crystal' like your Reiki is -

one was given to me by a dear friend before his death - the other was from my one daughter :)

ciao ~ peace
March 23, 2006   01:06 AM PST
you're welcome Lyly :). if you think you'd like to learn it, I'd encourage you to do so, for sure! it's invaluable, even just on a very personal basis (ie, for using on yourself if no one else). that's cool :).

March 18, 2006   06:04 PM PST
Thank you for sharing your story and for the Reiki work you have done on me in the past.
I am thinking of learning Reiki in the future because of you....
February 17, 2006   07:06 PM PST
you're welcome, and of course thank YOU, Tommy :).

happy hnt, Name person (is it Jay?) :).

Kim, very true. and thanks :).

February 17, 2006   06:45 PM PST
Wow!! It's so wonderfully awesome when the aliens really grab our attention!! It's like.."here, take this..let's see what you do with it..". I'm glad to know you chose the high road. :)
February 16, 2006   04:41 PM PST
happy HNT
Tommy Gunn
February 16, 2006   01:46 PM PST
Very cool. I'm glad I sparked that post. Very informative and illuminating. Thank you and HHNT to you.

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