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Thursday, December 21, 2006
hnt : 3 wishes

a pic, and some really bad poetry

**warning: really really bad poetry**

3 wishes and a pic

here I sit, broken hearted
paid a dime, and only...

wait... sorry, wrong verse.


here I sit, alone & glittery,
'neath the still-nonexistant Xmas tree
(and my stockings aren't even hung
o'er the shower rod - oh gee!).

I had only one wish for XXXmas
but alas and alack, it just ain't to be...
a Santa Loz wants her own S. Nick, you see.
instead I'm here now - doing this HNT.

in following Os-orders
- sometimes I do what I'm told -
I would wish for these three people
that true treasures unfold:


a razor; a sexy vixen outfit ('fuckmefashions' - her excellent word); enough time to go out to have a smashing good time flaunting her sexiness, and then be hung over - or whatever - for as long as she wants or needs to be, without having to do a thing around the house (and all while someone else cares properly for the 'lets). and all the sleep she wants.

Jas, the Redneck Nerdboy:

thermal underwear; a Porta-Heater; a sign to hang in his general vicinity (wherever he goes) that reads: "You call *THAT* cold?"; and a lifetime pass to the most convenient hottub.


a cure for BPD; joyful peace; and so much love it drips out her ears (sounds strange, but I hope you know what I'm saying there). and maybe a toy she could really - for a change - get into :D. you know... just for the really solitary times.


so I followed Os' request & did this for 3 of the people on my blogroll who'd probably not expect to get anything from me; since most of my longer 'blogpals' don't even do HNT, it was easy enough to pick these 3... I just had a look at a bunch of random pages & chose something from the 3 that 'spoke' to me most (but also who I've enjoyed visiting!).

by the way, although I freely admit I suck at creating rhyming poems, I simply must point out that I wrote today's worse on purpose. no, I really did! (honest)

happy HNT to all, and wherever you are, whatever you do next week (or not), please enjoy it immensely.


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Posted at 02:33 am by loz

January 23, 2007   12:46 AM PST
you're very welcome, keda m'dear. I know you were away & didn't have much access/time, so no worries! I'm glad you managed to find it still though :).

January 22, 2007   06:20 AM PST
wow babe!! what a lovely surprise. sorry i didn't come by before.. i just got back and am slowly catching up.

thank you thank you thank you! you are lovely.

i hope you had a wonderful holiday.

kisses sweetness.
December 22, 2006   03:22 PM PST
thanks for the visits, you all! sorry I'm slow to acknowledge them. since there are so many comments here I won't reply individually (though I should say, Mark - the 'name' reply saying my poetry was well-written) you should take that tongue out of your cheek, haha).

blessings to all - have a lovely holiday! thanks for the love, hugs & kisses here.

December 22, 2006   12:21 PM PST
Merry Christmas, LOZ!!

Sending you a great big, Santa-like, healing HUG!!!


~~did'ja feel it!!~~~

I did! THanks,

December 21, 2006   03:59 PM PST
I liked your poetry - well written and from the heart! And some great gifts for Christmas, too

Happy HNT! And all the best of the season to you!
December 21, 2006   09:02 AM PST
I know how you feel, Loz. I know how you feel ... ((((HUGS))))
December 21, 2006   07:57 AM PST
That was very nice honey! Thank you so much!

I didn't do one today, because I am trying to spread them out a little! :)

Love ya!
December 21, 2006   05:44 AM PST
very cute hhnt!
December 21, 2006   05:28 AM PST
cute pic and rhyme.

i'm sure your pals much appreciate the gifts too.

December 21, 2006   04:22 AM PST
Lovely wishes! Those are some lucky wishees. :)

HHNT! and Merry Christmas, Loz.
December 21, 2006   04:15 AM PST
Eh, compared to my poetry, yours ain't so bad at all.

Loved the red antlers in the previous photo. :)

HAPPY HNT and Happy Holidays!
Sexy Duet
December 21, 2006   03:59 AM PST
Merry Christmas and Happy HNT!!!

December 21, 2006   03:48 AM PST
Oh! Thank you!! Thank you so much!!!!
Yes... that miracle cure that could take care of that illness and my ucontrolled emotions in not long would be the most wonderful gift ever... ;-)
I wish you everything you ever dreamed about!

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