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Thursday, March 22, 2007
hnt : hiding

think tank

hiding in my think tank

in recent weeks I've been rather absent, all the way around. oh I've been doing my thing, keeping busy & even reading and posting here & there. behind the scenes what I've been doing is hiding in my think tank, considering various life possibilities and changes. it's all good; it just means I'm not quite as attentive to my usual online habits as I otherwise might be.

I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, I'm just sitting here on the edge of my world pondering :).


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Posted at 10:18 pm by loz
5 somethings said  

Friday, March 16, 2007
hnt : late again

been all tied up

late again

okay, so this is not a recent picture - it's just here to say I'm late once again because I've been all tied up with other endeavours. back to the regular schedule soon I'm sure, including my visits to hnt friends who I've been shamelessly tardy at visiting in the last couple weeks.


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Posted at 12:39 am by loz
2 somethings said  

Saturday, March 10, 2007
hnt : music

crashtv : machinecod album

crashtv : machinecod album

this is incredibly late because I got caught up in stuff I was doing this past week, but I figured I might as well at least put this up here. the picture shows me smiling over the crashtv machinecod album that we've all been waiting a year or two for! yaaay, it just got to me on Friday so I've been very happily listening (see the smile there? it's absolutely geniune). I am listening to the Voice and music even as I type, as a matter of fact. you can too... click the banner below to go hear samples & purchase the album from CD Baby for yourself.

you can also go to
my 'mostly appropriate' blog & near the top of the page is a little crashtv music widget where you can hear a few full-length tracks from the album (& if you click on that widget you can go to the crashtv page at ReverbNation). I just can't resist plugging this album for my mates now that it's out... I've been loving crashtv music since 1999, though they've been around far longer than that. I wouldn't bother pushing the album if crashtv was crap, but they're not - they've got a really unique sound and if you like - at all - Brit rock/alternative/uk indie type music, you'll love these guys. you can even go to their site to see some videos, if you want.

crashtv has been described as, "Industrial strength Beatles" and "Nine Inch Nails meets Duran Duran" (all very true). the band's even now working on their next album, called 'Bored Of It', haha. no it's true, I just think the title's hilarious. the band's from London, UK but you won't have to go that far to purchase the album :D.

happy very belated hnt! I'll try to actually do one on time next week.


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Posted at 08:34 pm by loz
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Thursday, March 01, 2007
hnt : perspective

as such

your perspective

unique perspective
an offering given you
to take as you will


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ps: as I've been ordered to get to bed (well, and it is past time, after all), I shall visit all you lovelies later on Thursday.

Posted at 04:09 am by loz
9 somethings said  

Thursday, February 22, 2007
hnt : hiding(ish)



by request. actually, I asked for suggestions & got this request: Nipples, give them nipples, we all like nipples squeezed between thumb and forefinger.

ain't that the truth?! however - since a) my kids could come by here anytime if they chose to follow a few links (and what's here would be embarrassing enough for them), and b) I'm a wimp - neither of my nipples are actually here today. er, that's not quite true either, but I'm not going to reveal any nipples today, just the same.

that's why this thing is called 'hiding(ish)'... because there I am, hiding in the bathroom - behind the mirror's decoration, yet - taking pictures of not-my-nipples. silly eh? I wanted to do as my friend suggested & get a shot of palms covering nipples, but I couldn't hold my boobs and hold the camera & take a picture at the same time. I need an assistant, man!

in any case, I'm in a huge rush today... the day's half over & I'm just getting my hnt up, and I'm supposed to be gone from here already for the next thing on the agenda. I'll have to visit all my faves later on, so I will catch you then.

happy hnt to everybody.


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Posted at 04:09 pm by loz
11 somethings said  

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